Right To Play programs consist of regular weekly activities for children and youth from September through to August. The activities vary in each community but generally include leadership workshops, sport and recreational activities, volunteer opportunities, community events, sport clinics and youth-led initiatives. RTP strives to create positive change through the guidance of the holistic wheel (right) and its teachings.


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For more information, contact 467-8144 or email any of our Community mentors:

Community Mentors:

Jordan O’Connor – jordan.oconnor@kenorachiefs.ca
Samantha Forestell – samantha.forestell@kenorachiefs.ca
Freeman White – freeman.white@kenorachiefs.ca
Rheal Gagnon – rheal.gagnon@kenorachiefs.ca
Sterling Burky – sterling.burky@kenorachiefs.ca

Looking for a Career Opportunity? Apply to be a Community Mentor with the Right To Play Program

When Children Play, The World Wins

We believe that play is a powerful tool to change the world. It can inspire individuals and bring together entire communities. A game of football can educate children about tolerance and peace, and a game of tag can teach about malaria. When children play, they develop skills like cooperation, confidence and leadership–all important life lessons. Play provides a retreat from everyday hardships and brings joy and laughter, allowing kids to be kids.