On March 1st and 2nd, 2017, Kenora Chiefs Advisory held a Public Health Community Engagement Workshop that brought together Elders and community health staff from the eight First Nations communities affiliated with KCA. Each community member brought their unique experiences forward during different topics of discussion, allowing the working group to get a better sense of community public health concerns and priorities, as well as traditional Anishinaabe teachings with respect to public health.

Over the two days, we came up with a Public Health program name, framework, vision, mission, and goals.

Gakiinawayaa Minoayawook

(Everyone is Healthy)


Vision: Anishinaabe communities living a wholistic healthy lifestyle.


Mission: We have a wholistic public health system in which all partners work together to integrate both traditional Anishinaabe and mainstream practices. Our communities have the support we need to keep our families healthy, promote wellness, and use our teachings for generations to come.


We had a graphic recorder attend our workshop and draw out our main findings as we discussed each public health components in our framework.