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The program will prepare clients who are transitioning to employment, education or training.


This is achieved by offering Life Skills Workshops in the member First Nation communities that focus on job readiness, increasing soft skills and providing job coaching and supports.

This will be offered to our Member First Nations by providing:

→     Community based classroom instruction

→     Computer-assisted/internet programs

→     One to One programming

→     Referrals to other resources & programs

→     Action Plan Development


The program will be using the Employment Readiness Scale (ERS) which is used to collect baseline data. The ERS will analyze the data and develop a Life Skills Program by offering clients with employment readiness skills and support services.

WHO is eligible to be in the Life Skills Program?

  • Persons who require additional supports to become job ready
  • Persons who are in receipt of Ontario Works
  • Persons who are in receipt of ODSP or have disability
  • Young adults transitioning from Child & Family Services
  • Parents involved with CFS in their First Nation
  • Persons involved in the Court/Justice System
  • Persons who want to achieve their employment goals


Life Skills Grad 2017

Member First Nations and Organizations


The Life Skills Team is offering workshops that will be delivered according to the needs of the community.  

Please contact the Life Skills team to discuss dates, times and locations.


Some workshops that have been provided are:

  • Getting to know You
  • Positive thinking
  • Managing Emotions & Self-esteem
  • Decision Making
  • Respecting Self & Others
  • Communication
  • Conflict Management
  • Critical Thinking & Problem Solving
  • Financial Management (Budgeting)
  • Resume Writing
  • Self Employment



Life Skills Team Certified Life Skills Coaches:


Advisory Committee

  • One Representative from each member First Nation
  • One Representative from each participating organization
  • Third Party Evaluator – Dr. Dorothy Riddle,CMC


The Ontario Trillium Foundation (OTF) administered the fund on behalf of the Ontario Government; LPRF – Indigenous Stream of funding.

The Kenora Chiefs Advisory will support and evaluate initiatives, create partnerships and build a body of evidence of programs that work for our community members. Ontario aims to harness innovative ideas from local, community-based approaches and establish new ways of tackling these issues.. For further information refer to


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