Rekindling hope,
reclaiming culture
and restoring strength
through People Helping People.




The Ma’mo’weh Wii’soo’ka’tiwin Foundation was established in May 2019 to support the work of the Kenora Chiefs Advisory.

90% of KCA’s annual budget comes from the provincial and federal governments. Much has been achieved with their support, but resources are limited, and funding is usually short-term and restricted to specific activities.

To go beyond standard programming and increase impact, KCA needs independent, flexible and diversified funding. The Foundation is a bridge to individual donors and private/ corporate foundations that embrace new approaches to strengthening Indigenous communities.

For more information on the
Ma’mo’weh Wii’soo’ka’tiwin Foundation, click here,
or contact Gary Gladstone, Director of Development,
at or 416-830-4313.