The ultimate goal of the Bii-Zin-Da-De-Dah Prevention Program is to promote the mental health and well-being of Anishinabe youth and families.


We plan to use the traditional teachings of our Anishinabe Elders and ancestors as tools toward our goals. It is our belief that traditional culture offers healthy alternatives to unhealthy behaviors, ideals, morals, values, and knowledge. Although Indigenous people have been exposed to many unhealthy behaviors and social contexts that have taken tolls on well-being, the strength and resilience of individuals and communities can help foster good ways of life.


Throughout this program we will talk about Minobimaadiziwin “A Good Way of Life” and what that means to Anishinabe people. We will assist program participants to discover and strengthen their cultural identities and to promote community wellness through the teachings and practices of traditional Anishinabe ways.


It is also our belief that we cannot promote the mental health and well-being of youth without working with the family as a whole. Often during the program, parents and children will meet separately so the adults can talk about parenting. Raising kids can be difficult, but is also very rewarding. Throughout the program, we will bring together various aspects of Anishinabe culture and current North American culture, in order to create balance and the best outcomes for our youth, families, and communities.


Download the Mental Health Promotion for Aboriginal Youth presentation: Listening to One Another to Grow Strong

For more information, contact:

Cindy Piche, Coordinator
Phone: 807-467-8144 ext 261